Asthma and Lung Center


Mabel Turner

"The Asthma and Lung Center is the best thing we have here in houston, we are so fortunate to have one. I have seen results here...the program is excellent. Its a lifestyle change, and is very imporartant in order to stay active. The program is nice because it doesnt force you to do anything you can't. Every person is different and the employee's tailor the program to each person. I would recomend this to any one! Its something you can do on your own and at your own pace. Little by little you get strong. And then there is the social aspect, other people have similar problems that you have, so you are never alone and can find common ground with other patients. You become so busy interacting you don't even realize you are excercising. I can't praise this facility enough, I think everyone should know about it."

Ann Thompson

 "My breathing is much better and easier, and I am stronger...I can do more of the things that i want to do. The staff is remarkable, they are knowledgable, caring, and they really want you to do well. I like coming here, because the atmosphere is very upbeat and positive. Every time I go see the doctor that sent me here I thank him."

Jinny Bass

I came in for physical therapy with a bad back, and a light case of COPD. After finishing the physical program, I then went into the pulmonary program . After finishing that, I stayed on the maintenance program. It keeps me going, it helps me move better and breathe better. It keeps me well and feeling great. I'm in my fourth year now, and will keep coming here as long as they are open.

Bettie Elrod

"Before my treatment at the Asthma and Lung Center, my life was very limited as to what I could do around the house and in general. I'm very grateful for what the Center has done, as I am now drastically improved. I have been with the center for one month and am no longer using oxygen."