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About Us

Comprehensive Rehabilitation Outpatient Center

We focus on working together to minimize illnesses and disabilities, maximize levels of independence, and restore, maintain, and promote a better quality of life. We strive to discover new ways of keeping people healthy and overcoming medical conditions.


Physical Therapy Session
Pulmonary Rehab

Lung diseases can make everyday tasks seem arduous. We are here to help provide a better quality of life thought our breath better initiative. 

COVID-19 Rehab

Impairments from COVID-19 can persist for months and even years. We dedicate our time to aiding those who have suffered from the effects of COVID-19. 

Pre & Post-Op Care

Our goal is to improve lung health and prevent lung disease. We provide rehabilitation to patients during pre and post-operative lung transplants care.

Management Programs

Most studies indicate that while improvements are made during rehabilitation, the benefits are lost if exercise is not continued. We can prevent costly hospitalizations by recognizing and consulting with your doctor regarding any respiratory issues.

Physical Therapy

We are a multidisciplinary facility, and our physical therapy services range from orthopedic and sports medicine therapy to geriatric and pulmonary therapy. 


“I'm the spouse of a 50 year smoker who quite 9 months ago. He used to walk a lot faster then me because of his long legs but for the past several years, I've outdistanced him. After just over three months of three times a week, his breathing is so much better that I'm having to hurry up to keep up with him again.”

— Marsha S.

Our Team.

We strive to discover new ways of keeping people healthy and overcoming medical conditions.


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